Work begins on Waitt’s Mount renovation project

The proposed outcome of this year’s construction project at Waitt’s Mount. (photo courtesy Jim Nestor)

Ward 4 Councillor Jim Nestor announced today that construction is underway at Waitt’s Mount Park, located off of Leonard Street.  The first phase of work, which began on July 23, includes removing invasive and noxious plant species, pressure washing many of the naturally occurring rock outcroppings and historic walls to remove graffiti, and cleaning up broken glass and other debris.  Plants such as Poison Ivy, Devil’s Walkingstick, Bull Briar and Bittersweet will be removed from the main area of the park, and some clearing will take place to open views to Malden and to downtown Boston.

This site clean-up work will continue through August in preparation for the next phase of construction scheduled to begin later this fall.  The site improvements include installing an adventure playground and an improved basketball court, accessible parking, and a newly graded and paved Loop Walk around the base of the summit.  A new universally accessible walkway will connect the parking area with the Tower Ring area.  New native plantings will provide shade and visual interest and support wildlife habitat.  The new improvements are scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2013.

“I am very excited to announce the beginning of this project that will dramatically improve and rejuvenate the park as well as raise property values in the area.” said Nestor.   “I think the residents of Ward 4 and the City will be very happy when the construction is completed next year.  The residents that viewed the plans at the annual spring clean-up were very excited about the future of the park.”

Nestor would like to thank Debbie Burke and Steve Wishoski from the Malden Redevelopment Office, Pam Shadley and everyone from Shadley Associates, and Mayor Christenson for all their hard work and for sharing the vision of restoring this jewel of the city.  Nestor continued “I have made the renovation of Waitts Mount a priority since I was first elected.  I am grateful to have such talented people involved who sharing the same vision.  It is great to see work underway.”