MHS hosts annual Federal Student Aid Day for college-bound hopefuls

By Juhi Varma


The ninth annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid Day (FAFSA) took place at Malden High School on Sunday, January 27th. Students and parents spent the afternoon in the school’s computer labs, filling out forms with help from FAFSA representatives.

“This used to be called College Gold Sunday and now it’s called FAFSA Day Sunday,” said MHS Principal Dana Brown. “It’s an opportunity for parents and kids to come and fill in their financial aid forms online with help from experts. We have folks here from colleges and universities [and] we have folks from Malden High here, and they’re sitting with parents and students individually going through their tax returns, income, credits, etc. There are also kids from other schools here.”

FAFSA is a U.S. Department of Education program which provides students with grants, loans, and work-study funds for college or career school. FAFSA day is held to ensure that students have access to necessary information.

“Some of the volunteers here today work for financial aid offices at local area colleges,” said Sarah Cummings, College and Career Center intern at Malden High. “Some are involved in the community here in Malden, some work for the school districts, so we actually have a few teachers and school counselors.”

“Thank you to Principal Dana Brown and Director of Guidance Manjula Karamcheti along with staff and volunteers for organizing this important event,” said Mayor Gary Christenson, who dropped in for an hour. “Many of our high school students and their families were able to get the information they need to complete the financial aid process. I was proud of the role our city played in supporting these students as they prepare for the next step in their academic careers.”